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Shanterra McBride is passionate in her quest to empower young people to fulfill their purpose today. She does this by equipping, encouraging, inspiring and motivating them to not play themselves small, having them to understand that they are the leaders of today and should walk in the destiny that they have been given. Any organization dealing with young people especially girls should find the resources to bring her in to speak, teach or facilitate for they will be truly equipped to move forward.

Kimberly Boyd-Lewis
Director of Special Projects
DC Trust Foundation

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Preparing Leaders Of Today (PLOT) is a company designed to inspire young people to be more than what’s expected, more than what’s required, and more than what’s modeled. With PLOT, we work directly with schools and address students and faculty, as well as parents and the entire community on issues such as cyber bullying, cliques, bullying, social hierarchies, and other aspects of teen relationships and how they relate to gender aggression. In addition to schools, we also work with professionals who work with young people, whether they are counselors, community organizers and youth workers in order to motivate them in their work with and for young people.

A few of PLOT’s clients include Youth Empowering Systems in California, St. Andrews Episcopal School in Maryland, WellSpan Health in Pennsylvania, and Sisters Empowering Sisters in New York. PLOT has also presented keynotes and workshops for Connecticut School Counselors Association, Licking County Alcoholism Prevention Program and the Arizona School Counselors Association.

PLOT exists as a tool to persuade our communities to view young people as not just our future, but our right now! We have to position ourselves to get reenergized to do our work with young men and women, and at the same time, support and believe that they can be more than what they are. We actually hold their vision in our hands for what they can be because if we believe, they actually do!

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